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studio space with students

BA term 3 to 6 design studio at ULI Vaduz

The Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein in Vaduz invited me to conduct a design studio with students in the third to sixth term of the Bachelor in Architecture Program. During the winter term, I met and worked with the students on one and a half days each week starting on the 19th of September 2013. The final review was on the 16th of January 2014.

The studio had an integration component called multimedia, supported by Cornelia Faisst. Its purpose was to raise the level of typography, layout and graphics of the booklets the students were required to produce to make their work in the studio visible. Examples of pages from the booklets and extracted sheets are shown as slides.

Course outline

Topic: The core topic is the formulation of simple principles that form the basis of complex orders. We will focus on issues of spatial definition and organisation. Instead of making a project, we will deal with a method.

Working method: We will work with parametric descriptions of form and space. At the same time we will study some of the implications, like simple description and complex form, single description and a range of forms, variations as combinations of sameness and difference and generating unexpected results from known beginnings. We will not treat these studies simply as ideas but implement them by writing scripts which generate drawings and models. And we will test the ideas and their implementations with specific tasks.

Development sequence: We will successively, but in overlapping phases, learn to write GDL scripts with ArchiCAD, study an existing traditional settlement and use it as a first attempt to formulate individual investigations, develop the design and working method, conduct explorations and tests and document the process and its results over the entire semester continuously.

Conditions: Programming experience is not required. What is necessary to make these studies, is an interest in the topic, the willingness to work with the accompanying questions and the acceptance of the method. In addition, patience and concentration are important prerequisites.

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