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final presentation

Year 4 design studio at SEU Nanjing

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Southeast University in Nanjing – Gong Kai – invited me to teach a forth year studio for half a term in November and December 2011 with a group of 15 students. I met with the students twice a week for eight weeks. The final review was on Saturday of the last week. The program was adapted from a march 1 studio I taught at cuhk. Reduced images of the three panels for the final presentation from nine students are shown as slides. Each student also made a booklet documenting the process, the method and the results.

Course outline

Writing a design: The studio I offer builds upon an interest to generate a design from descriptions. It deals with rich order based on simple principles applied to architectural design.

Working method: We will work with parametric descriptions of form and space and study some of the implications like simple description and complex form, single description and a range of forms, variations as combinations of sameness and difference, and generating unexpected results from known beginnings. We will implement such ideas by writing scripts which generate drawings and models.

Development sequence: We will learn how to write scripts in ArchiCAD, develop a method, use exercises to test it, and continuously document the process and its results.

Conditions: To participate, students have to be interested in the topic, willing to work with the issues, and accept working in this specific way. No previous programming experience is required.

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