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Image of year end exhibition


As these pages are taken out from their original context, I have to provide some explanations. I was a member of the Tectonics Studio which was one of five teaching groups responsible for the teaching of architectural design at the Department of Architecture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The five thematic studios – Foundation, Habitation, Urbanisation, Technics, and Tectonics – were established under the chairmanship of Essy Banyassad at the beginning of the academic year 2001/02 and have been dissolved at the end of the academic year 2008/09 by the head of department at that time, now director of school Ho Puay-peng. This studio teaching was based on an understanding of architecture which guarded its integrity but allowed for distinct views and approaches. It provided a structure to link interests of individual teachers to the aspirations of the department, and a path for the students to move through the years. The organisation of each studio was in the hands of its members. Under Gu Daqing's studio leadership the core members of the Tectonics Studio, which included in the last few years also Zhu Jingxiang, Nelson Tam, and me, worked closely together. We were joined for shorter periods by various guests. More information about the former Tectonics Studio can be found on its webpages which are still accessible.

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