svg experiments
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Image of view lines.
            		This text shows instead of the image, because this browser doesn't allow the insertion of a svg-file as an image,
					as Safari does.

Graphic and text

One of my interests I usually describe as studies of architecture, geometry, and computer. These include topics like parametric description of form, interactive and animated graphics, and visualising hidden properties. On these pages I document my recent attempt to learn about scalable vector graphics, a mark-up language which enables the display and manipulation of drawings on webpages.

As it is too much for me at the moment to deal with browser compatibility, these pages only display and function correctly in newer versions of WebKit based browsers like Safari, Chrome, iCab, and probably others.

Moving the mouse over the illustration above replaces the drawing with an image of a part of the svg script, the description from which the display of the drawing is generated. I am fascinated by this kind of graphic and text relationship, and intend to write a paragraph or two about this here later. For now I just wanted to try out this type of text expansion.

Hong Kong 16. May 2015