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SEU Nanjing: graphic workshop year 2

Gu Daqing organised a two week workshop from August 19 to 30 2019 to test a new program for the visual design class at the Department of Architecture of Southeast University, Nanjing. He invited Pia Simmendinger, Toni Schade, and me so that four sections could test four distinct approaches.

Parametric description of form – Simple principles and complex order

Basis: This course is based on an understanding that form is a result of a process, that there is an invisible order in visible form, and that complexity can be built up from simple principles..

Working method: We will write scripts from which the computer will generate forms as drawings. We will use the scripting environment of ArchiCAD with its programming language GDL.

Working process: We will work in three forms. In tutorials we write scripts together, building up the description of a form over several levels of order. The students will then conduct individual studies by exploring the effect of parameter values on the resulting shape. We will look together at the results and discuss them.

Content: I suggest a graphical representation of a tree and a graphical pattern which – from one description – can take a wide range of forms.

Results: A description not only describes the intended form, it can also generate unexpected forms. The exploration can therefore lead to discoveries which can become design inspirations.


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