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interior model view

Tectonics studio bssc year 2 and 3

Generally speaking, the Tectonic Studio takes the following issues as the focus of study: the formation of space and its definition; the relationship between space, surface, and mass; the internal organization of the building, its parts and their relationship and hierarchy; the form and structure of the building; the material organization in terms of elements, components and systems, different structural and spatial types; and, the built order expresses a conceived order. The studio work is based on the hypothesis that there is a fundamental difference in the properties of a space depending on the type of element used to define it. To test this hypothesis we work with the distinction of three types of elements:

· Block
· Slab
· Stick

Our design method is model based. The direct manipulation of the model material is a reflection of a tectonic position, looking at how a building is formed through the manipulation of building material. As a working method we use cycles of making and observing, linking conceptual aspects with aspects of perception, over four phases:

1 Method – learning to manipulate model material
2 Abstraction – clarifying the language of one material
3 Materiality – differentiating the model material
4 Construction – transforming to building material

This makes the transformation from a model to a building, from model material to building material a central issue.

For more details see the former Tectonics Studio teaching webpages.

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