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Other studies

Here I mention just a few books and papers with a full reference and add to the list the names of people who I know have also studied or are studying leverworks, many of them having published papers.

Takayama Masagiku's book which contains a chapter on leverworks has also been translated into Chinese and was published in Taiwan. Because it was never translated and published in English, it remained largely unnoticed outside Asia. Among Rinus Roelofs' studies, I find his spherical structures especially fascinating.


Takayama Masagiku
The basis of three-dimensional composition
Bijutsu Shuppan-sha 1965

Olga Popovic Larsen
Reciprocal frame architecture
Architectural press, Elsevier 2008

Kim Williams (Editor)
Nexus Network Journal 10,1:
Architecture and Mathematics
Birkhäuser 2008
Articles relating to leverworks by
Sylvie Duvernoy
Kim Williams
Rinus Roelofs
Biagio Di Carlo
Vesna Petresin Robert
Christopher Glass

Biagio Di Carlo
Link to website
Strutture Reciproche
e Geometria Sinergetica
Quaderni di Geometria Sinergetica
Pescara 2009

Rinus Roelofs
Structurele Sensatie, Qua Art | Qua Science
Faculty Club Universiteit Enschede 2005

European historical instances

Villard de Honnecourt 1225-1250
Sketchbook, folio 45 ca 1230
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

Leonardo Da Vinci 1478-1518
Codex Atlanticus, folio 899
Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milano

Sebastioano Serlio 1475-1554
Book I: on geometry 21v(15v) 1545
Sebastiano Serlio: On architecture:
Books I-V of Tutte l'opere d'architettura
et prospetiva / by Sebastiano Serlio:
translated from the Italian with an
introduction and commentary by
Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks
Yale University Press
New Haven & London 1996

Denis Diderot, Jean le Rond d'Alembert
Denis Diderot, Jean le Rond d'Alembert Encyclopédie 1762
Architecture: Stone cutting, plate IV
Terence M Russell
Architecture in the Encyclopédie of
Diderot and d'Alembert
Scolar Press, Aldershot 1993

Historical studies

Michele Melaragno
Traberations: Vernacular Structures
Emerging From the Historical Past
Architectural Science Review
Volume 39, pp 49-57

David Yeomans
The Serlio floor and its derivations
arq: Vol 2: spring 1997

Mao Yisheng
Zhongguo qiaoliang shihua
Ming Wen Book, Taipei 1987

Research at universities

Nottingham Trent University
Chair John Chilton
Link to website
Olga Popovic Larsen
Joe Rizzuto
Messaoud Saidani
Choo Ban Seng
Yu Jia
P Coulliette
Thibaut Devulder
D Wilkinson

Kassel University
Chair Manfred Grohmann
Link to website
Mischa Proll
Asko Fromm
Holger Schopbach

ETH Zurich
Chair Annette Spiro
Link to website
Udo Thönnissen
Patric Unruh
Nik Werenfels
Chair Joseph Schwartz
Link to website
Thomas Kohlhammer
Toni Kotnik

Other reciprocal frame studies

Mark Burry
Link to website
Olivier Baverel
Link to website
Hoshyar Nooshin
Link to website
Guy Houlsby
Link to website
Mikkel Johansen
Link to website
Murata Hiroshi
Link to website

Lamella roof structures

Th Gesteschi
Fortschritte in der Ausführung
neuzeitlicher Holzkonstruktionen
Die Bautechnik, Heft 25, 12. Juni 1928

G Karlsen and Yu Slitskouhov (editors)
Wooden and plastic structures
Mir Publishers, Moscow 1989
2.2 Lamella Vaults, pages 272-288

Klaus Winter, Wolfgang Rug
Innovationen im Holzbau –
Die Zollinger-Bauweise
Bautechnik 69, Heft 4
Ernst & Sohn 1992

Japanese wooden joints

Kiyoshi Seike
The Art of Japanese Joinery
Weatherhill / Tankosha
New York, Kyoto, Tokyo 1986

Sumiyoshi Torashichi · Matsui Gengo
Mokuzo no tsugite to shiguchi
Kajima, Tokyo 1989

Kenchiku dai jiten
Shokokusha, Tokyo 1976