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dasheng 2014
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The structures

The presentation consists of several parts, three structures on tables to look at, three sets on tables to play with, structures built during the opening and small structures representing the working process.

Structures to look at
On three of the four tables are structures with specific properties, minimal support at the perifery, layers with alternating rotation and a strengthened cross-section. On the fourth table are structures demonstrating the smallest unit and the reversal from spanning to cantilevering.

Sets to play with
On another three tables are sets to play with. Their elements are variations of the elements in the three structures to look at. With each set a range of leverworks with different forms can be built.

Making a few structures
The Da Vinci bridge like structure was prepared before the opening from pieces of wood the Zeughaus already had. During the opening the other structures in the central space were made with the help of guests.

From the working process
The small elements and structures on the surface of the showcases are examples from the development process based on cycles of making, observing and asking questions.