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Further investigation

During the two weeks we worked on every second day a full day. The students were working in five groups of five to six students. Initially I didn't show the students any precedent, only a basic unit of four beams with sraight sticks of about 4x4 cm cross-section and ca 1.5 m length.

In phase 1 – principle, I tried to stimulate the students to observe and to prompt them to ask questions which would lead from one form to another using the given beams.
In phase 2 – exploration, I promted further questions pointing to specific issues, relating to the shape of the beams and the dimension of the structures, which were explored in small structures.
In phase 3 – investigation, I showed some slides with structures built by the students in Hangzhou and pointed out five interesting issues, which I asked the students to invesitgate with the intention to better understand the issue and possibly further develop the corresponding type of structure.


Fr 21.05.2010 principle
Sa 22.05.2010 start exploration

Tu 25.05.2010 continue exploration
Th 27.05.2010 start investigation
Sa 29.05.2010 continue investigation

Tu 01.06.2010 continue investigation
Th 03.06.2010 conclude investigation, plan production

Fr 04.06.2010 start production
Sa 05.06.2010 continue production
Su 06.06.2010 finish production, start exhibition setup

Mo 07.06.2010 setup exhibition, opening, lecture
We 16.06.2010 dismantle, cleanup, pack exhibition

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