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Objects of potential form

This title covers a whole range of related studies with varying emphasis such as parametric description of form, interactive and animated graphics, and visualising hidden properties. They are closely related to possibilities of using computers for design, and are based on an interest in geometry.

A preliminary documentation of a study of Objects of potential form has been adapted for viewing in a web browser in low resolution, or can be viewed or downloded as a pdf-file in high resolution:

03.1999 Objects of potential form – slides

The above and further studies of this topic have been presented or published at the following occasions:

Bertin, Vito.
Structural transformations,
Proceedings of the ECAADE 92 Conference (1992): 413-20.

Vito Bertin.
Objects of Potential Form,
pre, Faculty Xhibit, Hui's Gallery (1999)

et cetera