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police housing

Hong Kong police housing

The first time we saw the Tin Kwong Road police quarters it caught our interest immediately. The buildings are placed on the site so that they form various outside spaces, react with the existing ground conditions, and express a strong presence in the area. Entrances, stairs connecting levels, paths and places, streets and bridges in the air form an access sequence through movements with rich spatial experience. The design on all levels, down to the details, makes use of all opportunities which results in an unity of different architectural aspects. Every architect, including students and visitors, we have shown the estate was spontaneously impressed.

In the study we document the six different estates which are variations of the same type with drawings and photos, and discuss a number of design issues through comparisons.

This study is done together with Gu Daqing and Zhu Jingxiang. For more details see the Tectonics Studio research webpages.

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