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Tectonics studio march year 2

If the tectonics laboratory is considered as a type of basic research, then the thesis forms another level of research or applied research. Following this understanding, we articulated several topics this year to match students’ and teachers’ interests. We hope that we can give better support and the students can work with sharper focus, if the students topic is not seen as a private interest, but as a way to relate to and take part in the discussion of architecture on several levels.

I advised the following students in their final year study and project:

Gabriel Mok Chung-to 2001-02
Tectonics of towers

Nelson Tam Sin-lung 2001-02
Model of variation

Vicky Lam Wai-ki 2002-03
Transformable space

Wilson Lee Hau-pan 2002-03
Refurbishment of old public housing

Sam Cheng Kuo-yue 2003-04
Facing the street

Charis Lam Lai-ling 2003-04
Light and space

Kenneth Yau Yiu-kwan 2003-04
Structure behind form

Jeremy Cheung Chi-ming 2004-05
Materialization of enveloped space

Joey Fung Chung-yan 2004-05
Material: shift of usage

Helen Lam Wai-yin 2006-07

Wong Yuen-wai 2006-07
Exploration on massive building in Hong Kong

Yu Wai-ching 2007-08
Interior structure and exterior form

Angela Lee Lai-wai 2008-09
Structural relationship between shape, shell, and core

Jin Lu 2008-09
Spatial structures as alternative to towers

Yuki Ng Yee-ki 2008-09
Complexity of space, perception, and richness of experience

For more details see the former Tectonics Studio teaching webpages.

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