hk central market
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central market

perspective view of hk cgo

The architecture of the Central Market

We, Woo Pui-leng, Gu Daqing and Vito Bertin, started to look at the Central Market on a request by the Central and Western Concern Group who wanted to know if this building really has no architectural value as claimed. Just looking at the building for a short time revealed a lot of interesting aspects of its design. After seeing the survey which had been commissioned by the AMO, we prepared a presentation of our preliminary study which we showed to the AMO on 04.03.2010. On 30.08.2010 we presented a summary to the Central Oasis Community Advisory Committee.

This third presentation held at CitySpeak on 16.04.2011 uses parts of the AMO version with two whole sections removed, other sections shortened and some new material added. It has been restructured for this occasion. The spoken text has been reconstructed in the captions.

west wing