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Reference websites

I learned how to use scalable vector graphics – svg – by looking up various webpages. The following links open new windows with the websites from which I learned most:

w3schools by Refsnes Data. This website has extensive tutorials and references for many web technologies. The site is beautifully designed, and has a very useful editor which encourages experimentation.

An SVG primer for today's browsers by David Dailey and the World Wide Web Consortium: W3C. One long page with a very detailed introduction to svg, well explained and illustrated.

Hexadecimal Color Code Chips by John December, December Communications, Inc. Just one page of a site with a lot of other useful information. This page is very convenient for selecting colours, with big enough chips, easy to copy code, and hints with the colour names.

Scalable vector graphics are a recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium. The current specification is version 1.1, dated 14 January 2003, and edited in place 30 April 2009. The 7th SVG Open conference was hosted by Google in Mountain View, CA, USA from October 2 to 4 2009.