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illustration drawing

Looking at drawings

Zooming and scrolling – or dragging – are basic interface methods to view content which does not fit into the limited area of a computer screen. For drawings, it is also a common method to change from an overview to more detailed views. Another method for this is to provide a drawing for each level of scale. In this section I try how to zoom a drawing, enlarge and reduce its size, how to define a viewing area, and how to move the image within this area. Then I try to make a viewer for looking at a series of drawings.

For the iPad version I still have to learn how to use gestures. So some of the experiments which made sense on a computer screen have to be further changed to make them meaningful for the iPad.

Dragging elements on pages 3 and 4 only works on a pc and not yet on a tablet or phone.

image or drawing   Image or drawing – example 1

illustration enlarge and reduce   Enlarge and reduce – example 2

illustration dragging   Dragging a drawing – example 3

illustration viewer   A drawing viewer – example 4