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Drawing of cube divisions.
            	This text shows instead of the image, because this browser doesn't allow the insertion of a svg-file as an image,
				as Safari does.

Scalable vector graphics

How can I display computer drawings on a webpage? Can I keep the drawing properties of a floorplan or a perspective view, and avoid transforming their graphic entities into pixels? I know how to embed a swf-file into a page, or to provide a pdf-file for this purpose. Now I am trying to learn how to display drawings more directly on a page without plug-ins, or even to draw onto a page. And in subsequent steps, I want to learn how to make such drawings animated or interactive, for which I previously would have used flash. So I started to learn about the svg-format, scalable vector graphics, which encodes graphics with xml, extensible markup language.

I have drawn the above illustration in archicad, exported the drawing as a pdf-file, edited it in illustrator, saved it in the svg-format, and finally imbedded it on the webpage as an image.

This and the following experiments only display and function correctly in newer versions of WebKit based browsers like Safari, Chrome, iCab, and probably others. The support of svg is unfortunately not yet consistent in different types of browsers.