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Leverworks: one principle, many forms

nanjing group 2

Table of contents

0 preface002 by Gu Daqing

1 introduction 006
background 010
about the book 012
2 study016
principle020 lever, mutuality, self-connecting
questions030 questions embedded in cycles of making and observing
issues058 articulation of properties and behaviour
3 learn078
cuhk082 Elective course at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
syss098 Workshop at Sing Yin Secondary School, Hong Kong
caa104 Studio at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
seu110 Studio at Southeast University, Nanjing
4 show116
hong kong120 Exhibition at Sing Yin Secondary School
hangzhou134 Exhibition at the China Academy of Art
nanjing166 Exhibition at Southeast University
5 appendix186
built structures190 List of structures built by others
other studies192 List of books, articles and studies by others
credits194 List of people related to this study
image sources 196
a pavilion198 Built in July 2012 in Xiuning, sponsored by WSP

hong kong cuhk
hong kong syss
hangzhou caa
nanjing seu
xiuning wsp
dasheng 2014
zeughaus teufen